Lionel Lewis

Born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, Lionel now resides in Port Charlotte, Florida. Lionel

studied at the American Art School in New York and the Visual Art Center. He is a member of the

Charlotte Arts and Humanities Council and was named the July 2014 Artist of the Month. Lionel's

work has been exhibited at Florida Gulf Coast University, the Visual Art Center, the Universalist

Unitarian Church of Port Charlotte, the Port Charlotte Cultural Center, the Charlotte County Chamber

of Commerce, Charlotte County Administrative Center, Wells Fargo Financial Center and the Sidney

Bernie Davis Art Center, His Passion for painting is demonstrated in his work.


inches Sentinel 24 x 24

Clockwork Orange 30 x 30

Artist Statement

My art is the key to my happiness. When I paint I am filled with a sense of accomplishment.I love the

creative power given to me by my art, which allows me to experiment with colors, forms, negative and

positive shapes, textures, and light and dark values. My art teaches me.

Is my style Modern? Abstract? Contemporary?. It is not important. Call it what you may. I love exploring new

ideas and learn as I paint. My mission is to communicate to the viewers simply and directly as possible

following the directives that m y creative instinct dictates.

My art allows me to transform inner vision to outer reality.